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Home Accessories & Interior Furnishings to Make your Home Look Lovely

There's nothing better than your sweet home to welcome you at the end of the day. This home you've spent time decorating by adding your very personal touch, full of beautiful home accessories like these decorative photo frames which hold your dearest memories. And what about these freshly cut flowers bringing a touch of nature into your home. Your unique tableware, composed of delicate, hand-painted pottery from leading brands such as Susie Watson Designs, Emma Bridgewater Pottery, Sophie Allport and many other talented manufacturers of home décor really stand out.

You are welcomed by the lovely fragrance of scented candles or home fragrances and the relaxing atmosphere set up by the soft light candles. OG Home offer a wide range of beautiful, creative home accessories.

Learn how to make your own furniture with Annie Sloan Workshops, organised in our studio in Stourbridge.

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